The Salina Symphony Guild is organized to provide support for the Salina Symphony and Salina Youth Symphony Program.

We invite you to join us with the wonderful volunteer work we are doing for symphonic music. The Salina Symphony Guild is a great group to lend your fundraising ideas and have fun making new friends. Please speak with any Guild member at concerts, wearing a gold nametag, or members listed on the Members page.

The Salina Symphony Guild meets at 10:00 a.m. on the third Wednesday of each month, August through November, and from January through April as well as a May meeting to be scheduled each year. If the 3rd Wednesday of November falls the day before Thanksgiving, the meeting is held on the 2nd Wednesday. Please see Calendar for additional information.

Requirements for membership:

  1. Be a current season ticket holder to the Salina Symphony.
  2. Pay annual membership dues of $25.00 to the Salina Symphony Guild.

Symphony Guild Membership Form


Guild Officers 2017-2018


  • President: Bonnie Anderson
  • Liaison Member of Symphony Board: Jane McMillen
  • Vice President, Program: Joyce Eisenhour
  • Secretary: Jo Kraus
  • Treasurer: Janice Stanton




Standing Committees 2017-2018

  • Scholarship
    Joyce Eisenhour – Chair
    Marylen Anderson
    Janice Stanton
    Manda Deegan
    Jennifer Thompson
  • Hospitality
    Marianne Welch – Chair
    Joyce Eisenhour
  • Technology
    Jeanne Sebree – website
    Sue Holmes
  • Pizza Party Committee
    Tamara Harris – Chair
    Janice Stanton
    Marylen Anderson

Fundraising Committees 2017-2018

  • Fund Raising Proposals
    Bonnie Anderson – Chair
  • Water Bottle Sales
    Janice Stanton – Chair
    Sharron Hamilton
    Jane McMillen
    Bonnie Anderson
  • Gift Boxes Galore
    Jane McMillen – Chair
    Florence Jester
    Marianne Welsh
    Joyce Eisenhour
    Mary Lemon
    Janice Stanton
    Sharon Hamilton
    Jeanne Sebree
  • Symphony at Sunset
    Jo Kraus – Chair
    Sue Holmes
    Jane McMillen
  • Symphony Gala
    Bonnie Anderson




Adrienne Allen Joyce Eisenhour Mary Lemon
Donice Applequist Sharron Hamilton Erin Mathews
Bonnie Anderson Tamara Harris Jane McMillen
Marylen Anderson Alison Harbaugh Jeanne Sebree
Dena Berquist Josephine A Hernandez Janice Stanton
Joyce Brown Sue Holmes Jennifer Thompson
Manda Deegan Florence Jester Marianne Welch
Elizabeth Duckers Jo Kraus Esther Woodfolk


Lila Berkley – Associate Beverly Olson – Associate



Fundraisers 2017-2018


Our goals are to raise funds to help with the cost of The Salina Youth Symphony Program, to provide an active volunteer force which supports the Salina Symphony and Youth Symphony Program, and to provide scholarships to help Youth Symphony members attend summer music camps.

Each year The Salina Symphony Guild hosts several fundraisers to help us meet our goals.  We have a number of very exciting fundraisers coming up this season!

October 23, 2017 Restaurant Fundraiser: Carlos O’Kelly’s
December 16 & 17, 2017
Stiefel Watson Room



The Salina Symphony Guild’s Gift Boxes Galore fundraiser, featuring gifts from The Market Shop, is quickly becoming a holiday tradition for many fans of The Salina Symphony.  Pick out your festively wrapped gift at either of the Christmas Festival Concerts, and then unwrap a wonderful surprise.  All boxes will contain a lovely item, and one box at each concert will contain a gift certificate!

February 16, 2018
Salina Country Club
Symphony Gala
All Symphony Concerts
Stiefel Watson Room
Bottled Water Sales






Scholarship Information

2018 Guild Scholarship Letter

2018 Guild Scholarship Guidelines

2018 Guild Scholarship Application


Summer Camps

Each year the Salina Symphony Guild conducts fundraisers to help provide scholarships for summer music camps to Youth Symphony members who will continue in the program next year.  The program has been expanded to include all three levels of the Youth Symphony.  We appreciate the contributions the Youth Symphony parents have made toward helping with these projects; if not currently a member of the Symphony Guild, we encourage you to join or become a volunteer, to show your support of these hardworking and talented youth.